About Us


Jill Preston

Elder Care Advisor Administrator
"Many families come to me in complete despair because they do not know where to start with the ALTCS process. It is my hope to bring calm and assurance into these families lives by providing education and assistance to finding the proper care for their loved one. It is my goal to make this process easier."

Daniel Nunez

Elder Care Advisor, East Valley
"By focusing my efforts in the East Valley, I am able to provide support to caregivers and families with their long-term care needs."

Diane Hendrix

Elder Care Advisor, West Valley
"The path of long-term care can be very rocky. When you gain the expertise and support of our staff, we hope that path becomes a little smoother."

Melissa Henak

Elder Care Advisor, Mohave County
"Let me help you understand how you can be approved on ALTCS, not denied."
More About Our Team
The staff at JacksonWhite Elder law is made up of attorneys, benefits processors, and elder care advisors (pictured above) who navigate families through their options with long-term care in Arizona. We are incredibly active in the health care community and have gained a positive reputation amongst the professionals in the industry. We are proud of our holistic approach of legal and social services to ensure the needs of our clients are met.